The Three

cropped-img_02821-e1492699093454.png My Three Bay Boys

Chino’/Capetown (Middle) – The accidental buy!

We bought chino, a Warmblood/ thoroughbred, as a 9 month old and he’s grown up into a 16hh nearly 6 year old. He’s the boss of the group, accident prone and is named after a famous movie star! He has a scar on his face from before we bought him so naturally the husband wanted to call him ‘scar face!’ I vetoed that one but from that came Al Pacino (who played scar face) and there came his name ‘Chino’. For the last 18 months the husband has competed him in showjumping, arena eventing, hunter trials and this month embarked on his first BE90 event finishing 16th from a big section. Last year he never came home without being placed so he’s proving to be surprising quite good. Unfortunately for the husband, I’m now taking over the competing with him (apart from the 2 other BE events the husband will do this year) as the horse I was competing on is proving to be a nightmare which leads us to horse two!

‘Ara’/Aradura Spur (Right) – The buy with your heart instead of your head!

The one we bought to compete on as the others had just been backed- hmmmm looking back now, buying a 17.1 thoroughbred ex racer that had competed in only 1 novice team chase with his previous owner and had failed as a point to pointer, probably wasn’t the best idea but he had such a kind eye! Ara is now 11(?) and has actually come on a long way from when we first bought him nearly 3 years ago. He was difficult to handle, had to be sedated for the farrier and would not hack out on his own. He would throw some immense temper tantrums and no amount of kicking would move him. Now he’s the complete opposite…apart from at competitions! He’s a dream at home and in lessons – will jump everything and anything – fillers, grids, heights, the lot, but put him in a competition ring and it could be a pole on the floor and he would refuse to go near it. I’ve tried XC and he flies pretty much everything but takes offence at ditches and steps down despite having done them before. There’s literally only one location he seems to like (Dallas Burston Polo Club – LandS eventing) and performs well there. However, the time has come recently for me to accept that i’m giving 100% in his training  and only getting about 30% back from him so made the decision to see if the husband could do better, after all, some horses go better for men (William Fox-Pitts Chilli Morning Case and Point). Only time will tell now I suppose…

‘Archie’/Silverset Swift Condor (Left) – The facebook auction buy/steal!

Little Archielicious was bought nearly a year ago after the husband was the winning bidder on a facebook auction site. His photos didn’t do much for him but there was something about him that made me say yes to the husband bidding, not to mention his great breeding and as a Holsteiner all I could picture was flying over showjumps! He came off the trailer like a skinny startled rabbit, with big ears to match, and settled into his field and then I saw him trotting…He has a trot to die for – springy yet floaty! He has the best temperament I have ever known; He takes everything in his stride, learns super quick and has the cheekiest personality I’ve ever seen in a horse not forgetting his love of being groomed/scratched/fussed! Now as a nearly 2 year old he is growing into a beast – he stands as big, if not slighter bigger, than Chino, has a neck like a bull and the knees on him are the size of my head! well slight exaggeration but you get the picture! We will send him to get backed next summer when he’s turned three and at the mo’ we don’t have any set plans for him, mainly because I keep saying he will be a showjumper and the husband, who has a love of galloping around, says he will be an eventer. Wonder who will get their way!!!!

So there you have it, a kinda brief intro to my three favourite boys. It is quite clear that the husband and I are pretty useless when it comes to buying a horse in the correct manner and literally seem to do everything that you shouldn’t but we’ve bought 4 great horses so we can’t complain!