Product and Brand Reviews


Equilibrium Products- Simply Boost

After receiving a bottle of the electrolytes in my monthly ‘my horse box’ I decided to purchase more bottles. Chino is a bugger for not drinking much water for a whole day when we are competing at an ode so I thought the best way to replenish the salts lost would be through added electrolytes.

Unlike many other products, which tell you how much you need to add to feed and you scrabble around trying to find something to measure it out with, these bottles come with the measurements on the side of the bottle so just tip upside down and squeeze until it’s down to the measure- easy! There is a faint aroma but nothing too strong and given my fussy thoroughbred eats his food with it in then it’s clearly not bad!

I took a bottle with me on our horsey holiday (see previous 3 posts! And I’m glad I did as he got the runs- not sure what caused it as he’s usually a good traveller so could have been the rich haylage. Anyway, knowing I had this with me meant I could keep his salts up without worrying to much about him.

Along with the electrolytes order, I purchased some bottles of the ‘resilience’ which is packed with vit c. I intended it to be kept for winter when the horses are stabled for longer and as it’s also good for the respiratory functions, I figured it would also assist Chino who sometimes suffers with a cough when stabled. I again took another bottle with me to Wales as the boys were to be stabled for the week plus with the long travelling, which it is also useful for, I decided to add to their feeds. Again, the measures on the side of the bottle helped and a faint orangey smell. Too soon to tell if it works but at face value I’m impressed.

Munch blocks-Vitamunch

In order to keep the horses entertained for the time they were stables I bought 5 of the vitamin the blocks. I have each of them a block on the first day and they tucked straight in. Ara finished his after 5 days, Chino after 2 days! I gave him another on day 3 and it had gone within the day! There was just no stopping him!

If it keeps him this entertained then I’ll be buying the others in bulk! Hopefully it’ll stop him being so mardy when he’s stabled in winter!! They fit perfectly in the mini haynet which you have to purchase separately or if not you can put them down loose. I prefer the nets as it makes them work for it! I can’t imagine how quickly it would go without the net! There are 4 varieties so I shall try them all and I suppose depending how quickly they get munched will determine which one is the best!!

July 2017

Ice Boots

As mentioned before, I am partial to Premier Equine products so much so that I sometimes feel I may be a walking advert!

A while ago now, I invested in some cold water/ice boots mainly due to Chino being a numpty and charging around the hard fields and then getting a popped splint. Rather than bending down for 10-15 mins 3 times a day to hose, I just whacked on the boots. Now I didn’t have any ice so they were just thrown in a bucket of cold water over night and kept in there until I no longer needed them.
Talk about time saving! It’s amazing how much you can get done in 10 minutes. Not only are there extremely handy for injuries but I put them on after schooling and events – usually xc. We all know how important it is to look after our horses legs so having these to put in and cool them off immediately is fantastic. The only problem is they do need to be in water/ice for 12 hours before use but if you use them all the time like I tend to then they are pretty much always in water.
Pomade Oil by Ringcraft Equestrian

This was a product which came with last months ‘My Horse Box’ and its become a staple in my show bag.

To be honest I havent a clue when it comes to turning out an immaculate horse for shows. As long as there’s no mud and their tail and mane is brushed then I’m happy! Obviously this all had to change with eventing and so my show game had to be stepped up. This little bottle of thick oil, for anyone who had never experienced the delightful stuff, makes my boy’s mane and tail super shiny without slippage! Once he’s all plaited up a dab a bit of this over the plaits and the loose bits of hair lie flat and his little plaited bobbles are shiny shiny without the grease. Love it! This shall be forever used.

Horse feed: 
Baileys Number 4 – Top line conditioning cubes

Dengie – Alfa A oil

I’ve never fully bought into the idea that certain feed brands are better than others until I tried this. I’ve always used Heygates mix and conditioning cubes along with their chaff and occasional the competition mix in the peak season along with Dengie Alfa-A oil.
Chino and Archie always look well on it and have a beautiful coat so I tried swapping to normal Dengie Alfa-A. Within a week I noticed the difference in the horses coats as they had lost their shine and appeared to be a bit more greasy. I could only put it down to the swap from Alfa oil so I immediately went back out and bought it back in. It may cost a couple of pounds more but when their coat looks and feels so good then it’s worth the money.

The second feed change has been with Ara. As a thoroughbred he’s a nightmare to keep weight on him. He has a constant supply of grass or hay and hayalge as well as 2 feeds a day and yet he still looks rough. His coat is dull and he has zero top line, so we looked at trying a different feed to see if it would make a difference. I am literally amazed at how great he looks since changing to Baileys Number 4. No word of a lie, his coat is better, he’s filled out and he actually looks happier in himself. It may cost double to price but it’s more than worth it and I will look to move the others into it eventually.

May 2017

As promised here are a few reviews of some products I have used and love!

Premier Equine International

I LOVE their products and I’ve become hugely obsessed with everything!Image result for merino wool saddle pad, premier equine

It started with the Merino Wool saddle pads and has escalated from there. Having tried other well known wool saddle pads and had them ruined in the wash, i thought i would give these a go and I have not been disappointed. They fit our saddles and horses impeccably well particularly my high withered sensitive backed thoroughbred. They also wash great and have not come apart like other brands have despite being washed numerous times. And lets not forget the amazing colours they have right now as well as the traditional Image result for merino wool half pad, premier equinecolours.

Moving on from the full saddle pads I then purchased the Merino Wool half pads which
are equally as great and for those of us who like to switch up the colours of our saddle cloths then this is a great alternative to a full pad and they have a variety of colours. Again they wash brilliantly but as they are not directly on the horse they don’t need to be washed as frequently so they have become part of my daily tack wear.
The clothing for riders is classy and of great quality. I have purchased a few items for around the stables including the technical layers and fleece and actually won one of their instagram competitions receiving a beautiful Empoura Competition Shirt in Navy Blue. The fit is brilliant and super comfortable even on my arms which are pretty manly(!) and so sometimes  sleeves can be a bit tight. Not only does it fit great but it looks super stylish under my navy Pikeur showjumping jacket so will most definitely be purchasing a similar one in the future.


Aztec Diamond

I discovered this brand over a year ago and have fallen in love with the technical leggings so much so that i have 4 pairs. They are the most comfortable things i have ever ridden in and favour these over jodhpurs every day (apart from competition obviously!). The are super flattering and have a range of colours although I do favour the navy. I bought the limited edition leggings in khaki which come with a zip pocket which i think is a great addition as they other have nothing i can put my phone or money in however, the new leggings that have been released for SS17 do have an in built phone pocket  but i’ve yet to buy these!

I got bought a lovely dark red base layer for my birthday from the husband and this has now become my cross country layer. I do find it slightly on the tight side so i would suggest going for one size bigger especially if you to are blessed(cursed!) with larger than average chesticles!

Next on my ‘to buy’ list from Aztec Diamond will be another baselayer which im thinking i’ll get in white and a pair of the jods. I fell in love with the mauve pair but it was coming up to Christmas when I saw them and I thought spending nearly £100 on myself instead of the husband may have been a bit bad!