Oranges and Plums!!

It wouldn't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last but I arrived at the horses this afternoon to find quarters of orange in their field and small plums which haven't fully grown.
I get so enraged by this…who do these people think they are throwing food into the field?! Do they know my horses? Are they aware they may potentially be giving a horse a death sentence by feeding them something they may be allergic to or is poisonous? Whilst I'm aware orange and plum is fine for horses, do they?

And what about the other stuff that I find- pieces of cut up apple and carrot- yes thanks for potentially chocking my horse with your cylindrical pieces of carrot! and yes they also needed that pile of lush grass you've pulled up and placed in the gateway because they don't get fed by me!!

Oh and whilst I mention gateways… it is blatantly obvious there are horses in the field and only one gateway. Why do you insist on letting your dog s**t in said gateway and leave it!!! And then you've got those that actually do pick it up but throw the bag on my muck trailer!!!!!! Omg I'm getting annoyed just writing this!!

Anywho back to the feeders! More than likely they are dog walkers as that's who we tend to get up our lane so I may start leaving chocolates in the gateway…on the floor for little sniffing creatures!!
Obviously I wouldn't do this to the dogs!!! but if I find out who it is I may force feed them nuts in the hope they have a nut allergy!!!!!

Ok again I wouldn't but you catch my drift!!

I already had signs up warning that the horses kick and bite but speaking to my farrier he suggested removing them in case some idiot did go in and get kicked or bitten then we could be sued due to us being aware that they are dangerous!! Sounds ridiculous but I've heard similar stories of this happening!
So down it came after today's feeding annoyance and up went the 'do not feed horses sign!'
I want to add another sign saying 'unless you are willing to pay our vets bills DO NOT FEED THE HORSES!! And another saying no trespassing and another with emergency contact but the more I think about it the more the gate will start to look like a scene from Harry Potter…

I just hope the signs helps a little otherwise I may start to get snarky in my gate messages!!!

Fingers crossed there's no more fruit in the field in the morning otherwise I'll go bananas!!!! Ha, see what I did there!! Phaha ha!!

Toodle pip 😘

A cricket score!

Sunday was the Area 5 BRC SJ competition at Solihull where I'd entered in the 90 individual.
I think it was the first time ever that I was actually fully relaxed and not a nervous flutter in sight. I did have however, hunger flutters and as soon as I possibly could I was off in search of food!

The competition consisted of 2 rounds, 3 if you jumped a double clear. Round one was in the indoor and having walked the course it was a pretty easy course, 2 doubles and a couple of tight lines coming off the walls to a couple of uprights but nice and flowing and nothing scary…apart from the white barriers that caused Chino some concern in the warmup ring!!

He did super well in all. Needed extra leg into the first fence but jumped nicely all the way round until the last fence where he went spooky looking at the wall filler (we have one at home but this was shaped differently!!!!!!) and had the front pole down. It wasn't until looking back at the video that I realised he actually came back to trot! Funny how you don't recall these things happening when you're in the moment. This is why I love videos of my performances as you can go back and evaluate where things went wrong or in fact right and from that improve.

We had a long wait until round 2 and then the heavens opened but being the clever little bee I am I had been prepared and brought his outdoor rug to keep him dry!
Anywho, eventually the last competitor was in- me!

I think Chino decided to leave his brain in the trailer for this round. He'd been a bit temperamental in the warmup but nothing compared to the idiocy demonstrated in this round.

Coming to fence 1 and the banner on the fence had obviously come alive causing him to jump away from it and taking us completely off our line and fence 1 came down followed by fence 2 which appeared to be the bogey fence for a lot of people. Then he had part 1 of the first double down after scurrying away from the scary sign again! Another spook out of a different corner but luckily he managed to pick up his feet until fence 7 when we were on the most perfect stride and he had a melt down and tried to fit in another but was then literally under the jump, realised his mistake so slammed the breaks on, attempted to jump taking the poles with him but finished with a flourish with a kicked up back end!

Onwards we proceeded clearing 8 nicely until the final double where a few before had had faults due to the filler in the front. Knowing chino backs off I planned to kick on going faster than I would normally but thinking that by the time he's slowed to look at it we'll be the correct pace. Turns out it made no difference and he knocked it flying anyway and then proceeded to jump part 2 cleanly. So we finished the round on 20 faults!!! A score that would make any cricket team proud I'm sure!!

I couldn't be mad at him though. He's not a show jumper at the best of times- too lazy! For some reason though he's become really spooky in the last 2 months. He has gone from being calm and nothing scaring him at all to now being scared of his own feed bucket!! He's jumpy in the field, wary when hacking out, jumping and xc schooling he now really looks at the jumps whereas before he used to just pop them easy and now when competing there will be something he doesn't like and try and spin and bolt. Not sure what has caused this so unless it's just part of him growing up I don't know?!

This weekend is Archie boy's first show! Exciting! Practice has been bumpy to say the least and I hope to god he doesn't try what he did on Saturday otherwise the only person that could keep up with him is someone from the Jamaican sprint team!! He's fantastic with voice commands and he's starting to understand pressure on the bit when we need to transition down so I'm hopeful we will get round the ring in one piece!!

I'll do a little write up on his first show so check back to see how we got on!

Until then

Toodle pip 😘

3 years!

#3horses1husband. One of few posts where I'm not rabbiting on about horses…this time it's the husband!

On Monday it will be our 3rd year wedding anniversary! Where did the time go?! As a little treat I booked an evening away to Cheltenham at the Malmaison Hotel. I know…how I'm managing away from my 3 boys is beyond me!! Lol

We had a lovely little stroll around the town and then went for an early lunch. In all honesty, the lovely little stroll was more a 'waste the time walk' until it was an acceptable time to eat lunch and for husband to have a beer!!

Back at the hotel we had a couple of glasses of pop! in the bar before feeling like we were gatecrashing a wedding party so decided to leave and head to the room to….watch tv!! Literally! Baby daddy, big bang, Melissa and Joey…well we have been married for 3 years and lead busy lives so it's nice to appreciate some time to do nothing from the comfort of a huge super king bed! To top it off I then had a nespresso coffee!! 😂

Then came the presents!!! Husband did good…

And I so nearly purchased a 'cheaper version' camera this week!!
Can't wait to put it into action next week when we go on the horsey holiday.

We're now heading home with a short stop at Stow on the Wold for brunch before coming back to reality. Hope my dad has looked after my boy's whilst I've been gone!

Bye for now 😘

‘What have you done to me mum!?!’

I'm pretty sure that's what Archie would have asked if he could speak!

In preparation for his first show I thought I'd try out the travel boots on him today. (He's far too precious to be travelling with legs bare now!!)
He was fine having them put on and didn't even look down at me faffing around. However, when he came to take his first step you would have thought I'd tied all his legs together the carry on he made!
He quite literally nearly fell over!!!
After a couple more very very wobbly steps he realised that his legs weren't going to drop off and he then staggered around the yard occasionally trying to kick them off!!
By the 3rd lap round he was walking ab' fab with not a care in the world!
How I do hope the rest of his training is this easy!
Here's a short clip of part of his dramatic performance!!

I received his number and admission passes for his first show as well today and I have to admit I got far too excited especially when I saw his full name written down on the number!

It's a first of many for both of us as I've never done in hand showing before. Well…apart from when I was 9 and did pony most like it's owner and I was dressed up like the horse!!! Don't ask!!!
I also don't think I've taken a horse to and agi' show before. Again I may have done so when I was a kid and did the handy hunter or something but nothing remotely proper!
Thirdly, I've never taken a youngster to a show!! So my three firsts combined with Archie's one first could make for an interesting outcome!! 😵😵

The two boys were hacked out this morning relatively early- in the first by 8am so two nice relaxed quiet rides out.

Tomorrow they probs won't get ridden as I'm off on a little night away to celebrate by third yr wedding anniversary! So no doubt that will entail me drinking far too many cocktails and collapsing asleep on the bed!!! Poor husband!! 🙈🙈🙈

Until next time,
Toodle pip 😘

Farrier, Vets & Holiday fun!

The 6 weeks holiday began on Friday and I celebrated hard…with a cuppa tea and being in bed before half 10!!! I am just so rock'n'roll!

Saying that, I will have to do some school work this afternoon which was meant to be completed yesterday and the rest can be forgotten about until the last week when I panic and try and cram everything in! Same every year and I say I'll change!!

What have I done so far with my free time? Well not a lot! Horses, food shop, horses, eating the food shop, horses…. you get the idea!!

Today I had the farrier out to do the two older ones and the vet happened to be in my area at the same time so she came by to do their annual jabs. Not quite annual though as I'm a compete dufus and it would appear I can only be organised in work and not life and so I went over their due date by 2 days so they've had to start their course again- all 3!

Anywho, as it was tipping it down the two had to go in the stables to be shod. Ara thought this was something to be super excited about (not in his usual routine to go in the stable so his little brain can't cope!). I then had to go and bring in Archie as he couldn't deal with him not being there!!
By the time the farrier arrived (5 mins after being brought in from the field!) he had provided enough crap to feed all the roses at the Chelsea Flower Show!! The farrier just about managed to get the front shoe removed but we decided in the interest of his safety and my sanity, that the good ol' Domosedan would have to make a reappearance! A relatively short fight later the tube was rubbed on his gums and we then just had to wait for him to look stoned!!

Cut forward nearly 2 hours and vet has been, farrier all done and Ara still out of it!!

Eventually back home and as the horses are done obviously the next thing is food!!!!

Another great benefit of holidays is the time to make bacon sarnies…nom nom nom

Toodles for now 😘

XC schooling

As I'd withdrawn from the competition on Saturday (previous post) I felt I needed to do something more than hacking so we took both Chino & Ara to our favourite equestrian centre- Lyneham Heath.

I had planned to carry my phone to get a few vids and snaps but it was a bit warm so I didn't wear a jacket so no pocket for phone. Such a shame as both boys were on fire!

First up- Ara! The one with a kink in his head who freaks out at the slightest of things jumped 99% of what he was asked. Skinny fences, corners, skinny corners!! Steps, sunken road, in and out of water and the best yet…jumped into water over a decent log! I literally couldn't believe how he was bounding over everything. I think having a few months off with his injury actually helped him mentally recharge which is something I need to bear in mind for the future.
The only sticking point was the ditches again. That said husband took a massive step forward in that he skipped over the baby pretend ditch first time ever and after a bit of coaxing he leapt the natural dip/ditch like it was beechers!! He has a real issue with a proper man made ditch and must think trolls are gonna grab his legs as he just won't go near.
Hopefully once we've finished our xc schooling field at home compete with ditch,he'll be a pro. Super proud of him 😍

Next up me and Chino. He started off brilliantly jumping some pretty meaty combinations. The below photo shows some of the jumps we tackled (not me riding obviously!)

About half way through we seemed to lose our mojo and it all started to go a bit pear shaped. I feel the ground was not ideal as he didn't have studs and we kept tripping and losing our grip but that aside we couldn't seem to work together. It find it difficult to replicate the same pace in schooling as I do when competing and Chino really needs pace to believe he can jump them- going steady around and he then second guesses himself and we end up clambering over the jumps or in the case yesterday- stopping! I think he was tired as well but I felt a bit rubbish finishing on a bad note but I have to keep in mind what he had done at the start and were still learning together so not a bad day really.

Any tips on how I can replicate the energy from competing into schooling would be appreciated as I do feel that this is an issue I have frequently and I'm not sure how to conquer it!

Next competition: Sunday BRC showjumping at Solihull.

For now , toodle pip 😘

No Competition!

I made the decision this morning to withdraw from my first 100 at Solihull- sad times. 😞

To be brutally honest I was in a foul mood, angry, emotional and a bit of a mess. I've no idea why but I figured that that emotion would run into Chino and I couldn't put him through that. So I made the mature decision to withdraw and save ourselves for another day when my head was in a better place.

A bit gutted as I was actually looking forward to it having seen the xc course and realising it was a nice run but hey ho theres many more to come.

Coming up we have the area sj next weekend before we go off on our horsey hollibobs and have a couple of weekends off from competition.

Not sure what the weekend will now entail but I will give myself some time to relax and de stress and perhaps eat a few dozen cream eggs!

Toodles 😘