3 years!

#3horses1husband. One of few posts where I'm not rabbiting on about horses…this time it's the husband!

On Monday it will be our 3rd year wedding anniversary! Where did the time go?! As a little treat I booked an evening away to Cheltenham at the Malmaison Hotel. I know…how I'm managing away from my 3 boys is beyond me!! Lol

We had a lovely little stroll around the town and then went for an early lunch. In all honesty, the lovely little stroll was more a 'waste the time walk' until it was an acceptable time to eat lunch and for husband to have a beer!!

Back at the hotel we had a couple of glasses of pop! in the bar before feeling like we were gatecrashing a wedding party so decided to leave and head to the room to….watch tv!! Literally! Baby daddy, big bang, Melissa and Joey…well we have been married for 3 years and lead busy lives so it's nice to appreciate some time to do nothing from the comfort of a huge super king bed! To top it off I then had a nespresso coffee!! 😂

Then came the presents!!! Husband did good…

And I so nearly purchased a 'cheaper version' camera this week!!
Can't wait to put it into action next week when we go on the horsey holiday.

We're now heading home with a short stop at Stow on the Wold for brunch before coming back to reality. Hope my dad has looked after my boy's whilst I've been gone!

Bye for now 😘

‘What have you done to me mum!?!’

I'm pretty sure that's what Archie would have asked if he could speak!

In preparation for his first show I thought I'd try out the travel boots on him today. (He's far too precious to be travelling with legs bare now!!)
He was fine having them put on and didn't even look down at me faffing around. However, when he came to take his first step you would have thought I'd tied all his legs together the carry on he made!
He quite literally nearly fell over!!!
After a couple more very very wobbly steps he realised that his legs weren't going to drop off and he then staggered around the yard occasionally trying to kick them off!!
By the 3rd lap round he was walking ab' fab with not a care in the world!
How I do hope the rest of his training is this easy!
Here's a short clip of part of his dramatic performance!!

I received his number and admission passes for his first show as well today and I have to admit I got far too excited especially when I saw his full name written down on the number!

It's a first of many for both of us as I've never done in hand showing before. Well…apart from when I was 9 and did pony most like it's owner and I was dressed up like the horse!!! Don't ask!!!
I also don't think I've taken a horse to and agi' show before. Again I may have done so when I was a kid and did the handy hunter or something but nothing remotely proper!
Thirdly, I've never taken a youngster to a show!! So my three firsts combined with Archie's one first could make for an interesting outcome!! 😵😵

The two boys were hacked out this morning relatively early- in the first by 8am so two nice relaxed quiet rides out.

Tomorrow they probs won't get ridden as I'm off on a little night away to celebrate by third yr wedding anniversary! So no doubt that will entail me drinking far too many cocktails and collapsing asleep on the bed!!! Poor husband!! 🙈🙈🙈

Until next time,
Toodle pip 😘

Farrier, Vets & Holiday fun!

The 6 weeks holiday began on Friday and I celebrated hard…with a cuppa tea and being in bed before half 10!!! I am just so rock'n'roll!

Saying that, I will have to do some school work this afternoon which was meant to be completed yesterday and the rest can be forgotten about until the last week when I panic and try and cram everything in! Same every year and I say I'll change!!

What have I done so far with my free time? Well not a lot! Horses, food shop, horses, eating the food shop, horses…. you get the idea!!

Today I had the farrier out to do the two older ones and the vet happened to be in my area at the same time so she came by to do their annual jabs. Not quite annual though as I'm a compete dufus and it would appear I can only be organised in work and not life and so I went over their due date by 2 days so they've had to start their course again- all 3!

Anywho, as it was tipping it down the two had to go in the stables to be shod. Ara thought this was something to be super excited about (not in his usual routine to go in the stable so his little brain can't cope!). I then had to go and bring in Archie as he couldn't deal with him not being there!!
By the time the farrier arrived (5 mins after being brought in from the field!) he had provided enough crap to feed all the roses at the Chelsea Flower Show!! The farrier just about managed to get the front shoe removed but we decided in the interest of his safety and my sanity, that the good ol' Domosedan would have to make a reappearance! A relatively short fight later the tube was rubbed on his gums and we then just had to wait for him to look stoned!!

Cut forward nearly 2 hours and vet has been, farrier all done and Ara still out of it!!

Eventually back home and as the horses are done obviously the next thing is food!!!!

Another great benefit of holidays is the time to make bacon sarnies…nom nom nom

Toodles for now 😘

XC schooling

As I'd withdrawn from the competition on Saturday (previous post) I felt I needed to do something more than hacking so we took both Chino & Ara to our favourite equestrian centre- Lyneham Heath.

I had planned to carry my phone to get a few vids and snaps but it was a bit warm so I didn't wear a jacket so no pocket for phone. Such a shame as both boys were on fire!

First up- Ara! The one with a kink in his head who freaks out at the slightest of things jumped 99% of what he was asked. Skinny fences, corners, skinny corners!! Steps, sunken road, in and out of water and the best yet…jumped into water over a decent log! I literally couldn't believe how he was bounding over everything. I think having a few months off with his injury actually helped him mentally recharge which is something I need to bear in mind for the future.
The only sticking point was the ditches again. That said husband took a massive step forward in that he skipped over the baby pretend ditch first time ever and after a bit of coaxing he leapt the natural dip/ditch like it was beechers!! He has a real issue with a proper man made ditch and must think trolls are gonna grab his legs as he just won't go near.
Hopefully once we've finished our xc schooling field at home compete with ditch,he'll be a pro. Super proud of him 😍

Next up me and Chino. He started off brilliantly jumping some pretty meaty combinations. The below photo shows some of the jumps we tackled (not me riding obviously!)

About half way through we seemed to lose our mojo and it all started to go a bit pear shaped. I feel the ground was not ideal as he didn't have studs and we kept tripping and losing our grip but that aside we couldn't seem to work together. It find it difficult to replicate the same pace in schooling as I do when competing and Chino really needs pace to believe he can jump them- going steady around and he then second guesses himself and we end up clambering over the jumps or in the case yesterday- stopping! I think he was tired as well but I felt a bit rubbish finishing on a bad note but I have to keep in mind what he had done at the start and were still learning together so not a bad day really.

Any tips on how I can replicate the energy from competing into schooling would be appreciated as I do feel that this is an issue I have frequently and I'm not sure how to conquer it!

Next competition: Sunday BRC showjumping at Solihull.

For now , toodle pip 😘

No Competition!

I made the decision this morning to withdraw from my first 100 at Solihull- sad times. 😞

To be brutally honest I was in a foul mood, angry, emotional and a bit of a mess. I've no idea why but I figured that that emotion would run into Chino and I couldn't put him through that. So I made the mature decision to withdraw and save ourselves for another day when my head was in a better place.

A bit gutted as I was actually looking forward to it having seen the xc course and realising it was a nice run but hey ho theres many more to come.

Coming up we have the area sj next weekend before we go off on our horsey hollibobs and have a couple of weekends off from competition.

Not sure what the weekend will now entail but I will give myself some time to relax and de stress and perhaps eat a few dozen cream eggs!

Toodles 😘

Well that was a challenge!!

Last weekend I headed further afield to Twesledown for the 3rd or 4th leg of the AT classics. I’d entered the 90 and was super happy to see I was on late afternoon so no super early morning for me- for a horsey person you’d think I’d be ok for early mornings but you’d be wrong and anything earlier than 5.30 makes me act like a witch!

I’d already seen a video of the course on the fb page and it looked challenging but on a par with a couple of others I’d competed. And then I walked it!! For me it was he most challenging 90 I’d done with some lines you had to decide on prior to riding it and some beefy fences. Size doesn’t bother me too much with Chino but he has the attention span of Dory and I’m not always clear with my messages so it could have been a recipe for disaster! 

Anywho, the dressage came and went with no issues. In fact it was the best we had done on quite undulating ground and despite the score being quite high, when I compared to the rest over the two days all tests appeared to be marked a lot higher than you would normally see so I felt pleased with my 36.5. 

After a nice rest we headed to the sj where we were near the last few to go. He popped the warmup fences brilliantly and I felt like we had it and we’re going to nail the round! 

Turns out I thought too soon and we got as far as fence one when Chino decided that it was just too much and thought it easier to just demolish his way through it and not even attempt to jump! T**t!! Now as much as we all like to stay calm in these situations I did get really mad with him as there was just no reason for it other than him being a tit! Second time to it and no bother and all the way round he didn’t put a foot wrong until the last fence when we knocked it so 8 faults in the bag. I came out annoyed which husband couldn’t understand and all I got was ‘but he’s a baby!!’ No, he’s six and been competing for 2 years, that behaviour is not a baby mistake so don’t make excuses!!

 I went with the intention of being competitive and feeling we had a chance and it all went Pete Tong. I do sometimes think eventing probably isn’t the thing for me as I can’t stand getting things wrong and  let’s face it- how often do all 3 phases come together at the right time?! For me never it would appear! 

To make matters worse, at this point I didn’t know my dr score and I was convinced I’d heard the commentator say I’d scored 46.5 so I was seriously p’d off and questioning what I was doing so wrong. I was then umming and ahhing over whether to take him xc and save him for this weekend until husband came back and told me to stop trying to listen to the commentators as I was wrong! 

With Chino then saddled back up with headed to xc where we had over 45 min wait due to course hold ups and a late start! It was then my turn…countdown near the end, we entered the box and off we went at a rate of knots! We flew over the first 5 easy peasy and then we got to what should have been a simple log on a mound however, Chino had other ideas! Back to his Dory moment, despite a flick of the whip down the shoulder to say wake up, looking at everything but the fence and by the time he then saw it it was too late and our first ever 20 penalties were added! After a sharp slap on the buttocks he proceeded to leap not just the log but the whole damn mound!!! It literally felt like the ground had disappeared from under us we were air bound for that long! 

After that little mishap we flew round, water combination, log to drop, step to tight turn and skinny, another water and finally a tricky line combination at the bottom of a hill which had caused a few issues for others. We were stopped on course at this point and had to wait a bit and I have to say, starting on a run down hill to a decent sized  log pile isn’t a pleasurable feeing!! 

He really was a superstar although I seriously, seriously need to get a handle on my timings- we were one second within the time limit before we incurred too fast penalties and we had the stop which technically should have pushed us close if not over the time limit so I clearly have no idea how fast I’m travelling! 
Back at the car we get a quick pack away given it was nearly 7pm and we had a near 2 hour journey home. I was feeling a little better about the whole day in that I would have rather incurred the xc faults in that day after having a mare in the sj as opposed to being on a good score going into the xc and then screwing up. 

Half way home I checked the results and I’d come 14th!!!! Turns out the sj and xc had caused problems for as many in my section as it had in the others over both days. It’s not often you finish with nearly 65 penalties and come home with that position! That said I do appear to be stuck on 14th position at the mo and would very much like to move up even if it’s one place!! 

Perhaps this weekend at Solihull will be our chance although I am starting to brick it as I entered the 100!! In my moment of invinsibility I had figured the 100 wasn’t much different to 90 and so why not give it a go! Now I’m not so sure and I think I’m gonna need more than brace pants…adult nappies perhaps!!

I’m sure my next update will be full of the woes of Solihull so look out for the next one!! 

For now, toodle pip 😘

Equestrian gifts and cards

For any of you out there who find it difficult to find a card for your horsey loved ones and friends, I’ve just found a great site… Www.blueberyl.co.uk 

Interesting name but some funny cards. 

Some other sites which sell some cute cards are: GallopguruAlexclarkart and  Horse-cards. Gallop guru do some gorgeous horsey things and gifts. Definitely worth a look. 

If anyone knows of some other sites then it would be great to know for future reference!!

Enjoy perusing the sites! 😘🐴❀️