About Me

In brief!

Married thirty something with three horses (for now!) and 1 husband…I believe in monogamy! So a bit of background info about me:

I began riding when I was 7 and was lucky enough to have a few ponies which I competed on in SJ and pony club activities. My parents were by no means well off but we got by. However, the teenage years came and so did the all important question of what am  I going to do with my life. Well I wasn’t good enough to make it as a pro rider (although I did like to think of myself as a younger version of Mary King!) so I became a PE teacher and the horses were a distant memory. Until I met my husband!!!

Cut a long story short, we met, he moved into my house without me really realising it, discovered we both had a background with horses and some how we ended up buying two youngsters (we went to view a yearling filly and ended up buying a 9 month old old colt as well!) to keep the grass down in a rented small holding he took over from his grandfather. I’m sure he is now wishing he had gone with the sheep idea or better still, a lawn mower!

We got engaged, married and honeymooned in America where we spent some time on a ranch. On returning home we decided that we needed another horse as the other two had only just been backed and we wanted something to ride properly. We clearly didn’t think through the implications of buying a third horse just before winter!

Skip forward a year and we make the decision to sell the mare as she’s not big enough for either of us so we’re then back to a manageable two horses but as every horse lover knows two is never enough, which brings us to the present day – proud owner of three horses and 1 husband oh…and two stable cats!

My main passion is showjumping* mainly because I feel im shit scared of galloping at solid jumps!! I’ve never really done dressage as it doesn’t give me the same buzz as jumping although I’ve found a deep appreciation of how bloody hard it is since training the youngsters and ex racehorse. 

* new love is now xc! Completely and utterly hooked on everything including jumping downhill…I never used to like trotting down hill so you know…progress!!! 

I am a perfectionist to the point that it can be detrimental to my performance. I too often focus on having the perfect equitation and doing things by the book only we all know that that isn’t always possible. The sooner I come to terms with this the better although I’m obsessed with my awful leg position when jumping. I don’t know how it happened as I had a spot on leg position when I was younger but now I look like a duck with my toes sticking out and legs flapping backwards! 

Despite being a 30 something adult woman, im still the little girl who was obsessed with horses. I still stare out the window when I see a horse, getting excited when horses are on tv and still have ridiculous dreams of riding around Hickstead and Badminton!! Hopefully these dreams will become reality in a few years although I think I may have to shelf the dream of that being at 4* and grand prix level and go for the grassroots route!!