Holiday with horses part 2 – never listen to the husband!

We are well into our horsey holiday and I’m loving it! Would definitely recommend it to anyone. We have now been to the beach twice (I’ll upload the go pro vids once home) and across a couple of the ‘downs’ a few times. (I figured out what they were called after seeing a sign.)

Weve been super lucky with the weather, getting a bit burnt yesterday when out for an unplanned 5 hour ride! Yep…5 hours in the saddle- my knees are buggered!

We were on the way home, coming to the last moor crossing and I was desperate for the loo! Pretty easy for husband to stand and whip it out whilst holding the horse but could you imagine squatting behind a gorse bush and the horse then pulling you off your feet!!! Husband had offered to hold the horse while still mounted but given Chino was hugley impatient i figured that was a recipe for disaster so i choose to hold it in and suggested we try and get onto the lane so we could trot most of the way home rather than wak across the stoney moor.

So when it came to the choice of left or right the husbad suggested we go left as that was the direction of the lane. I pointed out that that was across the marsh and bog land we had been told to avoid! did he listen…did he buggery! ‘oh itll be ok, its been dry!’. ah yes, i didnt grow up in the lakes riding on the moors- what would i know!!!

As we tootled down we came across some small bits which we pretty easy to jump across until we got to the bottom. Now i must highlight that i does seem a bit stupid to put both a foot path and bridleway straight through bog land but there you have it!

At the bottom we came across a huge wet boggy puddle with no way of crossing it but there was a path going around the right of it so being ahead i went first.
it was at this point i didnt need to worry about pissing myself as i very nearly shat myself! the path led us straight into bog. huge deep, suck you in bog. All i could do was keep kicking and shouting at chino to move through which he dutifully did with no fuss at all. We were pretty much covered head to toe in mud!! You would have thought witnessing that chaos that husband and Ara would have decided to stay put but no, he bounded through barely making a bloody splash. F**k knows how!

(Not the bog just a random- strangely forgot to get a photo whilst getting sucked into the darkness!!)

Safely on the other side of the bog we then had to cross a tiny stream and onto the hard lane. Ara was having none of it! He will gallop through the sea, jump bogs, go up and down steep banks, occasionally jump ditches but will he hell as like jump a stream!!

We then had to break every rule of riding on the moor and go our separate ways back home as I refused to come back over the stream and attempt to go back up the moor avoiding any more bogs.

Husband went in one direction towards home and I went the opposite way with no phone, no jacket, no idea where I was going and no one knew where I was!!! Nightmare!

Luckily Chino was awesome and didn’t panic being on his own and we somehow figured out where we were and where we had to go, going back through the same village we had 40 mins ago only this time having to ride through a wedding party! I’m sure that looked romantic…bog splattered horse!!!

Anywho we were back on track and made our way home safely with not a bog in sight. And that’s the last time I listen to the husbands directions!!!!!

We’ve 2 days left so we’ll head up the moor tomorrow and finish with another beach ride on Sunday.

Look out for the action vids coming soon!

Until then

Toodle pip 😘


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