Holiday with Horse! (1)

HOLIDAYS!!!! How I love a good holiday away from the hustle and bustle of normal life and the best bit…we've taken the horses with us!! No we're not mad but we have a music festival in our village and our stables are slap bang in the middle of it- well the camping fields pretty much surround us. We have kept the horses there in the past as it's quite good for getting them used to people, flags, noise, speakers etc but I just don't trust the random people especially when they've been drinking so I insisted they not be there this year. With that in mind we had two choices- pay to put them in the livery up the road OR take them on a beach holiday so I can tick riding on the beach off my bucket list. We went with the latter!

So off we toddled yesterday afternoon (after a show in the morning with the youngster-details to follow but he is a superstar!) on the 4.5+hr journey to The Gower in Wales. The 2 boys travelled really well and settled in their stables which will be their home for 9 days.

Sunday arrived and we were off to the beach!!! I had to ride Ara-I've fallen in love with riding him again and I couldn't not be the first to gallop my little racehorse down the sand!

To get to the beach we went cross country over and around the moor (hill/fell) which was surprisingly stoney and rocky- Chino did not like the rocks…must have watched the never ending story and thought they were gonna come alive!!!

Anywho we get to the beach after about an hour and its decent sized beach- long and wide although as it's by a holiday park there were quite a few people on it so it wasn't as simple as I imagined! In total honesty I had envisaged something from the black stallion films- galloping down the long beach, bare back and splashing in the waves. Yep, I'm 32 and clearly still think like an eleven yr old!!!

We trotted down the beach until I saw a nice clearing to the sea. At first Ara was a bit unsure of the little waves washing up at him and pulled some funky side moves but eventually he relaxed an let the waves wash around him. Chino on the other hand…!!!!

He was rather spooky with the waves lapping up so The husbands training thought was- I know… I'll trot him straight at the sea and get him to 'jump' the waves!!! I kid you not!! Needless to say Chino was not joining in with that particular training method and decided to spin around unseating husband who tried to hang on but Chino continued running for dry land!!! With husband in the sea I tried to grab Chino but it would have been easier catching a fish with bare hands! He promptly trotted off up the beach in search of his balls(!) with husband running after him, me shouting for Chino whilst trying not to let Ara run after him which meant he started getting excitable and bucking!!! Good introduction to the beach I would say!!

Once husband was back on we continued up the beach walking in the waves before turning and galloping back! So much fun- Ara absolutely loved it!! We went to the other end and back with two more gallops which sent Ara into giddy mode and we had Irish dancing all the way back off the beach!

As we were heading off through the dunes (on the bridleway) a family came through with surfboards & boards. I'm quite sure you can guess what the horses thought of that!!! Chino nearly fell over spinning round then went over a wire fence to escape with me trying to contain 17hands of wound up thoroughbred!!! They were pretty gormless and didn't once think to keep the boards still or lay them down- instead just stood still with the girl and mother whimpering and crying that they were gonna get kicked!!…wave that bloody board one more time and it won't be the horse kicking you love!'

Once back on solid land we trekked back home, continuing around the moor taking in the spectacular views as we climbed higher and higher.

After 3 hrs in the saddle….less for husband 🤣 we were back at the stables tired, sweaty and hungry but I was happy and can't wait to go back and gallop through the waves next time.

Day two I think we're planning on riding over another moor and exploring North of where we're staying so probs another numb bum day!

For now, toodle pip 😘


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