Finding the end of a rainbow would be easier than finding a job!

The week started well after receiving an email asking me to interview for a job I'd been recommended to apply for so I was super excited especially as it was in the equine industry and combined by skills as a teacher and head of department.
The interview came along and I was pretty nervous as it was with the CEO and 2 others but I was fully prepared and was quietly confident.
I came out not fully convinced I'd done my best and found I answered questions that I didn't give my brain chance to think of the answer but I didn't think I'd fluffed it.
Turns out I must have done as Friday I received the dreaded email to say I'd not been successful. I apparently didn't have the skills, attributes and experience for the job.
Now one one hand, that's fine, there was clearly someone better for the job who probably gave a much better interview and I'm well aware that I'm not going to get every job that I really want. On the other hand however, is firstly I'd been recommended for the job (not just to apply) and so I feel I was lead up the garden path and given false hope. Secondly, surely my cv and letter would highlight the skills and experience I have and didn't have so I should have been ruled out straight away. Some of the questions I was asked about my experience in X,Y and Z were pretty obvious given I'm a teacher in a school where I have been for 11 years since graduating so what are the chances of me having had experience of managing staff in other parts of the country or offices away from where I'm based?! This is just one example of a question that could have been answered though reading my application.
I know this must sound like sour grapes and perhaps it is- no one likes losing out on a job they wanted. My biggest upset though is that I'm now lost. I'm in a job I hate that turns me into a person I don't recognise, I have responsibilities which means I can't just quit but mainly wtf am I meant to do to get a job when everyone wants experience or on two occasions I've been told I'm too experienced for the job. I thought that being a teacher of pe and HoD would put me in a relatively strong position moving into a new career but seemingly not.
I didn't even get long to wallow in self pity and tears as the husband came along and basically told me to pull myself together and do something about it! It took all my mental strength not to push him in the canal!!!!

I'm meant to be applying for two jobs I saw late Friday night but I've become stuck in a 'what's the point' rut.
People keep telling me 'it was obviously not meant to be' and 'the right job will come along'. Well yes that's all very well when im saying it but I don't need your words of wisdom right now Susan!!!
(I don't in fact know anyone called Susan but you get my meaning!!

So for now, whilst on holiday for another 4 weeks I'm going to go in search of the end of rainbows, 4 leaf clovers and whatever other magical superstitious shit there is as I'm 99.9% sure I'll have more luck finding that than I will finding a job.

If you've managed to read to the end of this pretty boring 'feel sorry for me rant', which incidentally, I can't actually voice to my beloved husband for the afore mentioned reason, then well done! If you have any words of wisdom that doesn't make you sound like 'susan' then I'd love to hear them or any tips or advice on finding a new career out of education and schools! For now, the suns out and it's raining so I'm off to find me some gold!!!

Until later, toodle pip 😘


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