Oranges and Plums!!

It wouldn't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last but I arrived at the horses this afternoon to find quarters of orange in their field and small plums which haven't fully grown.
I get so enraged by this…who do these people think they are throwing food into the field?! Do they know my horses? Are they aware they may potentially be giving a horse a death sentence by feeding them something they may be allergic to or is poisonous? Whilst I'm aware orange and plum is fine for horses, do they?

And what about the other stuff that I find- pieces of cut up apple and carrot- yes thanks for potentially chocking my horse with your cylindrical pieces of carrot! and yes they also needed that pile of lush grass you've pulled up and placed in the gateway because they don't get fed by me!!

Oh and whilst I mention gateways… it is blatantly obvious there are horses in the field and only one gateway. Why do you insist on letting your dog s**t in said gateway and leave it!!! And then you've got those that actually do pick it up but throw the bag on my muck trailer!!!!!! Omg I'm getting annoyed just writing this!!

Anywho back to the feeders! More than likely they are dog walkers as that's who we tend to get up our lane so I may start leaving chocolates in the gateway…on the floor for little sniffing creatures!!
Obviously I wouldn't do this to the dogs!!! but if I find out who it is I may force feed them nuts in the hope they have a nut allergy!!!!!

Ok again I wouldn't but you catch my drift!!

I already had signs up warning that the horses kick and bite but speaking to my farrier he suggested removing them in case some idiot did go in and get kicked or bitten then we could be sued due to us being aware that they are dangerous!! Sounds ridiculous but I've heard similar stories of this happening!
So down it came after today's feeding annoyance and up went the 'do not feed horses sign!'
I want to add another sign saying 'unless you are willing to pay our vets bills DO NOT FEED THE HORSES!! And another saying no trespassing and another with emergency contact but the more I think about it the more the gate will start to look like a scene from Harry Potter…

I just hope the signs helps a little otherwise I may start to get snarky in my gate messages!!!

Fingers crossed there's no more fruit in the field in the morning otherwise I'll go bananas!!!! Ha, see what I did there!! Phaha ha!!

Toodle pip 😘


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