‘What have you done to me mum!?!’

I'm pretty sure that's what Archie would have asked if he could speak!

In preparation for his first show I thought I'd try out the travel boots on him today. (He's far too precious to be travelling with legs bare now!!)
He was fine having them put on and didn't even look down at me faffing around. However, when he came to take his first step you would have thought I'd tied all his legs together the carry on he made!
He quite literally nearly fell over!!!
After a couple more very very wobbly steps he realised that his legs weren't going to drop off and he then staggered around the yard occasionally trying to kick them off!!
By the 3rd lap round he was walking ab' fab with not a care in the world!
How I do hope the rest of his training is this easy!
Here's a short clip of part of his dramatic performance!!

I received his number and admission passes for his first show as well today and I have to admit I got far too excited especially when I saw his full name written down on the number!

It's a first of many for both of us as I've never done in hand showing before. Well…apart from when I was 9 and did pony most like it's owner and I was dressed up like the horse!!! Don't ask!!!
I also don't think I've taken a horse to and agi' show before. Again I may have done so when I was a kid and did the handy hunter or something but nothing remotely proper!
Thirdly, I've never taken a youngster to a show!! So my three firsts combined with Archie's one first could make for an interesting outcome!! 😵😵

The two boys were hacked out this morning relatively early- in the first by 8am so two nice relaxed quiet rides out.

Tomorrow they probs won't get ridden as I'm off on a little night away to celebrate by third yr wedding anniversary! So no doubt that will entail me drinking far too many cocktails and collapsing asleep on the bed!!! Poor husband!! 🙈🙈🙈

Until next time,
Toodle pip 😘


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