Farrier, Vets & Holiday fun!

The 6 weeks holiday began on Friday and I celebrated hard…with a cuppa tea and being in bed before half 10!!! I am just so rock'n'roll!

Saying that, I will have to do some school work this afternoon which was meant to be completed yesterday and the rest can be forgotten about until the last week when I panic and try and cram everything in! Same every year and I say I'll change!!

What have I done so far with my free time? Well not a lot! Horses, food shop, horses, eating the food shop, horses…. you get the idea!!

Today I had the farrier out to do the two older ones and the vet happened to be in my area at the same time so she came by to do their annual jabs. Not quite annual though as I'm a compete dufus and it would appear I can only be organised in work and not life and so I went over their due date by 2 days so they've had to start their course again- all 3!

Anywho, as it was tipping it down the two had to go in the stables to be shod. Ara thought this was something to be super excited about (not in his usual routine to go in the stable so his little brain can't cope!). I then had to go and bring in Archie as he couldn't deal with him not being there!!
By the time the farrier arrived (5 mins after being brought in from the field!) he had provided enough crap to feed all the roses at the Chelsea Flower Show!! The farrier just about managed to get the front shoe removed but we decided in the interest of his safety and my sanity, that the good ol' Domosedan would have to make a reappearance! A relatively short fight later the tube was rubbed on his gums and we then just had to wait for him to look stoned!!

Cut forward nearly 2 hours and vet has been, farrier all done and Ara still out of it!!

Eventually back home and as the horses are done obviously the next thing is food!!!!

Another great benefit of holidays is the time to make bacon sarnies…nom nom nom

Toodles for now 😘


One thought on “Farrier, Vets & Holiday fun!

  1. I often use the time that my mare is out to do a tail trim and a mane pull just because I know she’ll be standing snoring for the next hour or two🙈 And I occasionally clip so she basically wakes up naked with new shoes! (Sounds like a interesting night out doesnt it! 😂)

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