XC schooling

As I'd withdrawn from the competition on Saturday (previous post) I felt I needed to do something more than hacking so we took both Chino & Ara to our favourite equestrian centre- Lyneham Heath.

I had planned to carry my phone to get a few vids and snaps but it was a bit warm so I didn't wear a jacket so no pocket for phone. Such a shame as both boys were on fire!

First up- Ara! The one with a kink in his head who freaks out at the slightest of things jumped 99% of what he was asked. Skinny fences, corners, skinny corners!! Steps, sunken road, in and out of water and the best yet…jumped into water over a decent log! I literally couldn't believe how he was bounding over everything. I think having a few months off with his injury actually helped him mentally recharge which is something I need to bear in mind for the future.
The only sticking point was the ditches again. That said husband took a massive step forward in that he skipped over the baby pretend ditch first time ever and after a bit of coaxing he leapt the natural dip/ditch like it was beechers!! He has a real issue with a proper man made ditch and must think trolls are gonna grab his legs as he just won't go near.
Hopefully once we've finished our xc schooling field at home compete with ditch,he'll be a pro. Super proud of him 😍

Next up me and Chino. He started off brilliantly jumping some pretty meaty combinations. The below photo shows some of the jumps we tackled (not me riding obviously!)

About half way through we seemed to lose our mojo and it all started to go a bit pear shaped. I feel the ground was not ideal as he didn't have studs and we kept tripping and losing our grip but that aside we couldn't seem to work together. It find it difficult to replicate the same pace in schooling as I do when competing and Chino really needs pace to believe he can jump them- going steady around and he then second guesses himself and we end up clambering over the jumps or in the case yesterday- stopping! I think he was tired as well but I felt a bit rubbish finishing on a bad note but I have to keep in mind what he had done at the start and were still learning together so not a bad day really.

Any tips on how I can replicate the energy from competing into schooling would be appreciated as I do feel that this is an issue I have frequently and I'm not sure how to conquer it!

Next competition: Sunday BRC showjumping at Solihull.

For now , toodle pip 😘


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