No rest for the wicked!!

It’s been a while but I’ve been super busy with horses, work, applying for new jobs and watching love island!! 

Brief update on our sj schooling last weekend at Cherwell. Not the best but not the worst…husband rode Ara who went well having not been jumped for a few months due to injury. Chino was not bad, a bit lazy and we just couldn’t get our strides correct with fences coming down left right and centre. Husband kept giving ‘advice’ which wasn’t helping much and I ended up in a strop and calling it a day. 

On the job front, I didn’t get the one I applied for. I got an interview which went super well and given it was my first interview out of teaching I was surprised how easy I found it…compared to teaching that is…perhaps because I was enthusiastic about this one. Turns out the role went to an internal candidate so I don’t feel to bad and they’ve recommended that I apply for another role they have advertised so all positive and I can’t be too disheartened.  

Back to horses and Archie was saddled up for the first time last weekend and was a super duper little legend. Never flinched once even when I hung the stirrups down on the second day. Walked and trotted around with not a care in the world. Can’t express how much I’m looking forward to riding this special boy. ❤️

Sunday I spent the afternoon pretending to be a ghost buster with the spray pack on my back killing the weeds in our soon to be schooling field. Took forever and left me with filthy legs covered in blue dye but the weeds are now dead – they should be with the amount of weed killer I used…for a small 20x40m area I used enough to kill off the Forest of Dean!! Not quite a ghost buster but a weed buster will do! 

So that pretty much sums up last weekend. I’ll be back later with a weekend update of my shenanigans at Twesledone HT. 

Until then, 

Toodle pip 😘


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