Product review (2)

Ice Boots

As mentioned before, I am partial to Premier Equine products so much so that I sometimes feel I may be a walking advert!

A while ago now, I invested in some cold water/ice boots mainly due to Chino being a numpty and charging around the hard fields and then getting a popped splint. Rather than bending down for 10-15 mins 3 times a day to hose, I just whacked on the boots. Now I didn’t have any ice so they were just thrown in a bucket of cold water over night and kept in there until I no longer needed them. 

Talk about time saving! It’s amazing how much you can get done in 10 minutes. Not only are there extremely handy for injuries but I put them on after schooling and events – usually xc. We all know how important it is to look after our horses legs so having these to put in and cook them off immediately is fantastic. The only problem is they do need to be in water/ice for 12 hours before use but if you use them all the time like I tend to then they are pretty much always in water. 

Pomade Oil by Ringcraft Equestrian

This was a product which came with last months ‘My Horse Box’ and its become a staple in my show bag. 

To be honest I havent a clue when it comes to turning out an immaculate horse for shows. As long as there’s no mud and their tail and mane is brushed then I’m happy! Obviously this all had to change with eventing and so my show game had to be stepped up. This little bottle of thick oil, for anyone who had never experienced the delightful stuff, makes my boy’s mane and tail super shiny without slippage! Once he’s all plaited up a dab a bit of this over the plaits and the loose bits of hair lie flat and his little plaited bobbles are shiny shiny without the grease.  Love it! This shall be forever used. 

Horse feed: 

Baileys Number 4 – Top line conditioning cubes

Dengie – Alfa A oil

I’ve never fully bought into the idea that certain feed brands are better than others until I tried this. I’ve always used Heygates mix and conditioning cubes along with their chaff and occasional the competition mix in the peak season along with Dengie Alfa-A oil. 

Chino and Archie always look well on it and have a beautiful coat so I tried swapping to normal Dengie Alfa-A. Within a week I noticed the difference in the horses coats as they had lost their shine and appeared to be a bit more greasy. I could only put it down to the swap from Alfa oil so I immediately went back out and bought it back in. It may cost a couple of pounds more but when their coat looks and feels so good then it’s worth the money. 

The second feed change has been with Ara. As a thoroughbred he’s a nightmare to keep weight on him. He has a constant supply of grass or hay and hayalge as well as 2 feeds a day and yet he still looks rough. His coat is dull and he has zero top line, so we looked at trying a different feed to see if it would make a difference. I am literally amazed at how great he looks since changing to Baileys Number 4. No word of a lie, his coat is better, he’s filled out and he actually looks happier in himself. It may cost double to price but it’s more than worth it and I will look to move the others into it eventually. 


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