A 3 hour wait! 

I toodled off to Cherwell Comp’ centre today  for a spot of show jumping. We worked out the timings by the entry numbers  posted on book of the face so arrived about 11.45 thinking I’d have enough time to enter and watch a few. Turns out I had enough time to watch an entire season of game of thrones!! They were still on the first class when we arrived with about 6 still to go and I wanted to do class 4! 

Feeling optimistic I entered anyway hoping they’d try and catch up a bit but by 12.15 and class 2 had still not started I took the decision to withdraw. It wasn’t fair to let Chino stand in a trailer for 3 hours in the heat, plus we have loads of work to do down at the stables and I thought we could utilise our time better by heading home. 

On the plus side, the venue are hiring the arena with full course of jumps tomorrow so rather than get my money back I decided to hire it tomorrow for an hour and we’ll take both Chino and Ara. At least then we get to pop the jumps and have a nice arena to school in given our fields are rock hard and lumpy so we are restricted to hacking again at the mo which is no good when you’re preparing for ode’s each month! 

Hopefully I’ll have some inane chattering to share tomorrow based on our schooling session so until then, 

Toodle pip 😘


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