Husband is in the lead! 

As someone who is extremely competitive, it was a rather bitter pill to swallow yesterday when the husband came home with the lowest score yet with Chino in their second BE 90 event. 

I previously held the lowest score with 36.2 which in the grand scheme of things is still a pretty high score- darn that dressage! Anywho, after having not ridden Chino for nearly 3 months he then goes and pops out a 35 finishing on his dressage score! Again, not exactly a proud dr score but it still puts him ahead of me!! I need to pull something special out the bag next weekend at Tweseldown to get back to number 1 spot. 

It was a pretty early start, 5am down at the stables. Not great for the husband as I’m tired and hungry so not the best combination! We arrive at Offchurch with quite some time to spare before his dressage…in fact we end up with more time than expected due to my imbecilic lack of reading details on a text message and realising the dressage was nearer 9 than 8.30! Oops- it did mean I had time to munch down on a sausage bap though! 

Now as mentioned, Husband hadn’t ridden Chino for a long time so I think he was surprised how spritely he was in the dr warmup. I think the comment was ‘what have you done to my horse!’ He had to take the spurs off as he was bucking into canter!! 

The test didn’t go to badly I don’t think- not sure how he manages to do better tests than me when I do all the blooming schooling! He was still a little tense and stiff on left rein but husband commented on how much sharper he was to the leg so that’s a brucie for me.

The showjumping course looked easy enough, lots of fillers but Chino doesn’t look at spooky stuff and it was quite small. My concern was that the husband would faff on with him a bit instead of just letting him jump. First jump was a hands over eyes moment as he pushed him into it so he got quite close by managed to pick up and clear the rest of the course for a clear round. Husband was shocked at how much he’s improved in his jumping so again, super happy as it’s a back handed compliment for me!! 

Finally the xc – Chinos favourite! I headed off to the middle so I could catch a number of the jumps and waited for him to race along. We’ll race was a little ott perhaps especially when I saw him rolling steadily to fence 5! Come on husband- he has got gears!! 

He did pop him up a gear or two in the  second half but pretty much stalled at the water where he got far to close to the jump, cat kept it, nearly unseated husband and then stopped moving by the water before tentatively walking through it!!! Donut! 

Anywho, they finished off the round and came home clear with 2 seconds to spare! 😵. Husband then informed me that Chino had been a right little s**t in the start box rearing and napping so he missed starting the watch on the ten second countdown so he pretty much had to guess how much time he had left! A pretty good guess I would say! 

Once back at box and with Chino plastered in fly repellent as the horse flies were on one, we went to check the results but as he was one of the first to go we figured we’d be hanging around for far too long so decided to head home. 

For the rest of the afternoon husband constantly kept checking the bdwp website for the interim results but by 5ish we got the final result and he’d come 12th! Again, the highest placing for Chino yet, so yes he’d beaten me again! Putting my competitive feelings aside, I was super pleased bd it’s great to see the progress he’s making. Yes he’s dipped in some areas but really moved up in others so hopefully one day it’ll all fall into place. 

The plan for this week is to keep the schooling to a minimum to avoid him getting stiff. He’ll be hacked and lunged and then weather dependent we may pop over to Cherwell on Saturday for some SJ. 

If anyone has any ideas on how to keep Chino supple and relaxed in his back then please let me know as I’m short of ideas right now! 

Until next time, toodle pip 😘 


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