Little flyer.

So we popped along to Aston Le Walls tonight for a wee bit of showjumping. I planned to do the 95 and the 1m but when we got there they were just finishing off the first class and I didnt want to hang around all night so I entered the 90&95. There were hardly anyone there and in the 80 only 2 competitors. 
Anywho, he was super excitable having not been ridden all week plus he had a massage on Tuesday and we’d started him on a competition mix so I had plenty of horse under me! He pinged around the 90 not touching a single pole even when we got in pretty deep to 2 of them- watching back on  the video I don’t know how he managed to get his legs out the way on one of them! 

Second clear round completed! Super pleased. There were only 3 in the class and I left before I heard whether I was 2nd or 3rd(last!!). I decided I couldn’t be bothered hanging around to wait for the last competitor who was faffing around so we withdrew from the 95 and called it a night- he has got a busy day on Sunday so reserving the energy. 

We then rounded off the great evening with fish n chips before watching Love Island!! 

Tomorrow we volunteer at Offchurch at the BE ODE which  should give us a good insight into how the courses are jumping before the husband competes on the Sunday. 

Will no doubt be back tomorrow with some randomness about the volunteering so until then, 

Toodlepip 😘


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