All Change

Big news! I have finally decided to leave my job. After years of moaning about it and saying how much I want to leave, I finally made the big decision of actually turning my words into actions…well almost! 

I’ve been a PE teacher and HoD for 11 years and it’s safe to say education is not what it was when I started. The continual checking up on us and having to jump through countless hoops to prove you can actually teach is tiresome and has drained what enjoyment I had for teaching. I’m quite sad really as I did once enjoy it and liked nothing better than seeing the kids succeed but unfortuently PE alongside other creative subjects, takes a back seat behind the ‘important’ subjects! Tell that to the NHS who have to fork out millions on health related conditions that can be stopped by being more active! 

So, I had the talk with the husband as to whether we could infact affird for me to leave my job. You see, I don’t mean leave the school for another, I literally mean leave teaching and what comes with that is a huge drop in salary where I’ve worked my ass off in 11 years to earn a decent one. Can we realistically afford for me to start again in a new career? No not really- not without moving house, selling a horse and being a hella lot more economical with stuff. But do I care? Do I buggery! Yes I’ve become accustomed to a certain way of living and having money is a security (not that we had loads but enough to be comfortable with 3 horses to feed) but it most certianky isn’t making me happy – in fact if you think back to one of my first blog posts, it made me ill- well the job that lead to the money!! 

Since being back at work full time, the decision came a lot easier and about 10 days ago I informed the head I would be leaving…I didn’t know when as it was down to when I could get a new job but I was definitely outta there! Despite him saying he understood why, he disappointingly said that the kids come first and I wouldn’t be able to leave until the October half term! Well sorry but I’ve put the kids first for 11 years and the last 3 have been the most depressing of all and doing so nearly killed me, so no, on this occasion the kids do not come first…I do!! And I shall leave when I have a new job which could be in a week, a month of in the new year but I’m certainly not waiting around- who’s to say there’ll be a job for me to go to in October!!

So there you have it, big news, big change and most importantly…big interview on Tuesday!!! Not going to get too excited but I am jumping about just thinking about the possibility of having a job I’ve dreamed of for quite some time in an industry I’ve loved since I was a child…yep…horses!! I shall say no more in case the worst happens and I cock it up but here’s hoping that next week I can tell you that I have a new employer!!! 

Exciting times ahead! 

Keep watching this weekend for updates on how the husband and Chino get on in their 2nd BE event at Offchurch! 

For now, 

Toodle pip 😘


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