Gotta take the rough with the smooth!

I fell off the horse! I can’t even say I got thrown off because I didn’t! I suppose technically I got catapulted up and forward but the long and short of it is ‘I fell off!’

I decided to go to Onley on the Sunday and pop round the 90 and 1m after the success over the last couple of weeks and better my performance from last time. (Page- Practice will lead to perfect…hopefully!)

We warmed up the best we ever have- he was listening to the leg and jumped the jumps practice fences without being a weirdo about them so I was really hopeful for a good round and if I dare admit it, I was hoping for a top 6 finish. 

Well that all went to s**t when we stepped into the ring and Snortty McSnortyson decided that it was a horror house and proceeded to prance and snort about the place. Yes it was windy and there was some pretty awful noises from the wind whipping about but why he thought he had to act like Louie Spence I do not know!! 

Given his ott reactions to the wind it wasn’t a bad round. We had one fence down due to getting in too close and one stop. I’m confused even now as to why the fence was so spooky for so many horses as it was a plain fence with no fillers or anything but the noise he made at it would have made you think there was a troll under it!! 

Having gone round the course once I expected the next round to be a flyer and with only a handful of people in it I was yet again expecting a decent result. 

How stupid that thought was now I look back! In the half hour break between classes Chino had obviously decided that the wind was certainly out to get him and proceeded to spook at anything and everything including the trailer and lorry ramps on the way back to our car after the round! 

Anyhow, we started off fence one not concentrating so the back rail came down, got too close to fence 2 so had that down as well. Fence three popped lovely and reached fence 4,where we had previously stopped, in the perfect stride however that troll must have popped up as he slammed the breaks on and then decided to jump it from a stand still landing in the jump which was an oxer. I hope no one remembers him doing the exact same thing last time we were there!! So by this point I’ve been flung up in the air as I didn’t expect it, land on his neck superman style, Chino continues moving forward and I decide that trying to hold on as I usually do isn’t the best option for not getting injured so I let go and hit the deck! Gutted! 

I was due a fall mind so I can’t complain too much. I’ve watched the video numerous times and I can usually see where I went wrong but I can’t see it this time. I had leg on, was sat up and didn’t jump ahead of him and I still can’t see what caused it so putting it down to the wind…and the trolls!! 

I surprisingly didn’t hurt myself which I think is the first fall where I’ve jumped up and felt fine. However, two days later and I’m limping about with a sore hip which was not even the side I fell on so I guess old age is catching up with me! 

Hoping this weekend isn’t a repeat when we compete at Solihull for the area 5 HT! 

Toodle pip 😘


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