As Archie is still a baby (he officially turned 2 a week ago!), I don’t write much about him. He is however, getting trained regularly in ground manners and will be attending his first show this coming weekend for an in hand youngstock showing class. This should be hilarious on a number of counts firstly the fact I’ve got to dress like a middle aged women…beige trousers…really!!! Someone at work just suggested M&S and I scoffed at them! The second hilarity will probably come when I have to trot him up for the judge! I can barely keep up with his normal trot let alone when we step it up for the showy part! In practice I’ve been wearing my running trainers and I can just barely keep my legs in front of me so how I’ll cope wearing my paddock boots with restrictivr front zip is anyone’s guess. And I’m not going to worry about the biting and pawing he does when he gets bored- which is after about 10seconds. How you train this out of a horse I do not know as he does it for attention but to reprimand him would be to give him what he wants but to ignore him looks like he has no manners. any ideas would be greatly appreciated! That said my nearly 6 yr old has stopped all of this so perhaps he’ll grow out of it. 

Talking about growing…he’s standing at 16.1ish already at only 2! Everyone keeps saying how big he is for his age so I’m hoping to god he’s a quick grower and will reach full height soon! 

Anywho, I didn’t think we would actually get to the show as he was very poorly last Wednesday with colic. He started in the morning at about half tenish just as I was about to head home.  He was pawing at the ground and I assumed he was just being his  usual self but he was really going for it like I do when the Bourbon biscuits are opened! He was sweating profusely and so I pulled him out the stable and sponged him off only for him to try and roll. 

I immediately get on the phone and call the vet out but within 30 minutes he’s collapsed on the floor flat out. There’s nothing worse than knowing they’re in pain but being unable to do anything about it. 😥

Anywho, the vet came and pumped him with drugs in the hope he’d perk up within 30 mins but nothing! He remained on the floor having the occasional spasm. She checked for any blockages or twists but nothing could be felt, he had three lots of blood taken and then a drip was put into him at which point he decided that was a good time to sit up and roll over bending the canular he had sewn into his neck so we had to redo that. My arms then got a workout holding the bag of fluid up…I was going to start whinging about my arms aching but thought it prob not the best time when my horse was lying flat out in pain on the ground! 

After nearly 2 hours he then stood up with a little convincing so she was able to sedate and tube him to check for any problems in his airways. This proved to be somewhat difficult as she says he has tiny nostrils so the tube wouldn’t go down easily! Thank god something about him is small although now I know he’s fine I think his pain threshold is smaller than his bloody nostrils!! 

The vet was wonderful but was really at a loss as to why he was in so much pain and wasn’t responding to the meds, all his vitals were ok, nothing obvious, and the other vet she called couldn’t offer any ideas either so my dad is called and we load him up on the trailer to take him to the vets for a colic work up. 

The journey should have taken about an hour as it was a different vet we had to go to however, google maps decided it would take us on a detour taking us 20 minutes past where we needed to be to a random village near Cheltenham!! How that happened I’ll never know but we eventually got there in one piece and we settled him into his stable. 

After numerous tests all results came back normal although his worn count was high! I panicked thinking oh my god there’re going to think I don’t look after my horses etc etc but I was assured that even the best yards have horses with worm problems. He had been wormed consistently since we had him but it would appear we need to change the wormer for him as it’s not working despite it being fine for the other two. 

He had a lovely 2 night stay at the vets prompting me to think he thought it was a ‘Buy one get one free’ deal after Ara spent some time there the week before!! The vets still find it a mystery as to why his colic was so bad with the only possible thought is that he’s a bit of a drama queen! Oh joy of joys, like having one isn’t bad enough with Ara, I’ve now got another one! 

What it did make me realise though is that I need to get my arse in gear and get worm counts down each year or however often they are needed. I had intended to take samples in from the other two when I collected Arch’ and had bagged it up in the classy Tesco bags I keep laying around for such jobs and hung it above the wheel barrow so it was in eyesight! I mean how the hell did I forget it when I’d walked face first into the shit bags twice but I did! 

The Vet’s coming out on Wednesday to remove staples from Aras leg so ill try and bag up some more for them to take and test perhaps in some Sainsbury’s bags this time just to mix it up a bit- plus bright orange may stick out more! 

So Archie is back, box rested for a little while which is handy with Ara being on box rest as well. Fingers crossed nothing happens to Chino and he needs to be in otherwise we’re totalled fooked given we currently only have 2 stables. The other is on the list (see earlier posts for ‘the list!!!’) ready to be built.

I’ll continue practicing on in hand leading and standing this week and report back on how it went after next weekend. 

For now, 

Toodle pip 😘


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