If at first you don’t succeed…

Try try again is exactly what we did this weekend with our showjumping. We whisked off to Lyneham Heath for a spot of showjumping practice on their grass sj course. 

This facility must be my favourite equestrian facility going. They have everything you could wish for – an amazing all weather arena which is huge, all weather xc loop, 3/4 fields of xc jumps which and then grass dressage and sj  not only that, when you finish you can buy cake from the shepherds hut! I mean how much better does it get…oh and it’s super easy to book unlike another well known facility on my doorstep which is on a par facility wise but you can never get hold of anyone or get a reply to book so Lyneham gets my vote every time. 

The weather held out for us despite the threatening looking clouds above us. Chino warmed up well if not a little snorty looking at everything including dark patches of grass (!) and was forward going which I prefer- I hate having to kick him along constantly.

Husband set the jumps to 90/95 and altered some of the widths of the oxers. There was plenty to look at, I don’t think there was a single plain fence and his first attempt at a triple bar, a treble and a Liverpool with water in thanks to earlier rain! 

Despite having jumped a couple of warm up fences he clearly wasn’t awake as we started the course and had fence 1 and 2 down! Good job it was only practice!

The 1 stride double was a sight to behold where he managed to fit in 2 strides and jump clear and this coming from a big striding horse! How he didn’t even touch them I’ll never know. 

He didn’t even look at the water tray and popped the triple bar easily. The treble was a little scary for him but with so many poles and fillers in a row it’s no wonder he backed off a little however he still popped them all so an honest little pony! 

After a second time round husband popped them up to 1m/1.05 which surprised me given that he had said not to jump higher than 90’s jut last week!!! 

We jumped 3 rounds (with breathers in between!!) and despite having a couple of poles each round he did super well. We really are getting the hang of each other now and I trust him to actually jump unlike my other daft beast! He had a bold jump over them all and only had problems when I didn’t really set him up correctly. 

Watching back on the videos I can clearly see we need to work on our balance in canter around corners as that’s affecting us when there’s a jump off a corner. I also need to start thinking immediately on landing in order to be ready for the next jump. Often I give it 2 -3 strides before I start to think in which we’re then half way to another jump or less with related distances and it’s too late to do anything about it. 

After last weeks disastrous attempt sj at Onley I was really pleased how this session went and it was great to see the improvements. 

Next weekend I’m competing in the 90Ode at Aston Le Walls so I’ll be working on my dressage during the week and keeping  Chino sweet so he doesn’t get bored of it by Sunday! Might have to practice the transitions in test order on a hack so he doesn’t realise what he’s doing! 

On another note, Archie turned 2 yesterday! Woohoo only 1 more year to go before he turns into a proper big boy. 

Aras leg is on the mend as well thankfully. The vet came out last Friday and changed the dressing and was happy with how it looked so after another dressing change tomorrow he should be able to get the staples out at the beginning of next week. All the hawthorns appear to be out now as well although he’s now covered in lumps and bumps from bites so I need to get some fly repellent tomorrow- I use Leovet Power Phraser gel and spray. 

It’s the best around and I’ve tried soooo many! It does stink but works a treat and lasts all day which is great for my wimpy/sensitive Ara and Archie who appears to be allergic to bites. 


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