Sunday Schooling

Today Chino and I did some schooling in prep for next weeks HT at Aston le Walls. He’s not great on the left rein and our transitions need some jazzing up so I planned out a little exercise seen above which would incorporate all elements we need to work out whilst keeping his brain engaged. 

He really took to it well and was so much more active compared to if I just went in the school. Perhaps it was because I had something physical to aim at so it kept me on the ball as well. 

I used the large blue barrels as opposed to cones as I was able to see clearer the distances away when circling around them and I can’t cheat and cut corners by going over them as both Chino and I tend to do when I’m not riding strongly enough. 

Having the square of poles in the middle meant that changes of rein were ridden straight and made us both think about the next movement. 

It was also quite handy for transitions especially trot to halt and made me think about riding the transition before entering the square in order to make the halt inside which is where I went wrong a few times by only asking once inside at which point we were too late. 

The picture above shows the various different combinations of things I tried today all of which he did really well and he was evenetually working without leaning on my inside leg on the left rein. 

What I also like about this exercise was the simplicity of setting it up- no pacing out of distances neeed and minimal equipment. 

Try it out and if you have any other combinations that I could use using this set up then let me know! 

Toodle pip šŸ˜˜


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