Practice will lead to perfect…hopefully!

Having taken Chino off the husbands hands (he didn’t have much choice!), I hadn’t done much show jumping with him so, as competing for the riding club at Rockingham was off, we decided to head to Onley. 

I entered in the 90 and 1m which was rather ambitious as I’d not done a 1m on him before but it’s a long day to go for one class. 

He’d only been ridden once in the week so he was such a moron in the warm up spooking at corners, shadows and everything else in between! He popped the warm up fences lovely and we went in near the end. 

As we headed up to the top of the arena he started napping which is very odd for him. He had had a mini nap earlier but we put it down to the white wall banner so not sure what got in his head but a sharp smack behind the saddle and we were on our way. 

Fence 1- wrong stride, awkward leap, cleared it.                                                         Fence 2 – wrong stride, awkward leap, cleared it again! 

By fence three we got our act together! 

The jump off section was from fence 7-12 so I pushed him on as it wasn’t a tight turning course but our luck ran out and fence 9 came down as we got too close to it which put us on the wrong strides for 10&11 which were all related distances. I don’t think quickly enough after I’ve landed so in hindsight I should have sat up and steadied him so he wasn’t long and flat but I didn’t!! 

Fence 12 was a disaster as the husband is always telling me just sit and wait, let him do the work don’t push!! Well turns out that advice didn’t apply to that fence and no sooner had we taken off Chino decided that it would be easier to land in the middle of the fence and step through the fallen poles!! Next time I’ll push him in! How embarrassing to have 4 down in a row!!! 

With that put behind us I went into the 1m with a clear plan of how to improve it! That plan hadn’t included shitting myself though when I saw the size of fences!! 1.05m sounds small especially when you teach PE and remind yourselves that the kids jump that in HJ!! Husband tells me to stop being stupid and that I wanted to do it!! Helpful!! 

In we trot and set off and surprisingly it goes super well, hiting the fences on the correct strides and fly around…until fence 7! Still not sure why but that came down and then I came round too sharp to a full up oxer which he wasn’t balanced for so I decided to pull up and take the 4 rather than ploughing through it like earlier. Clear the second attempt and steady to 9 which we cleared but then two strides after landing I slow him up thinking about the previous round. Why I do not know as the previous fence we jumped fine so I should have just kept him at the same pace. Problem was we then didn’t have enough power and at 1.05 (Jump off height) it was a close eyes moment. Back pole came down and consequently the next fence down as we clambered over it landing in trot. Last fence resulted in a bizarre cat leap style jump which came down as well so we royally screwed up the round with 20 faults!! 

Despite the huge amount of faults I was chuffed to bits with the boy especially as that’s the biggest track he’s jumped and prob only the 4th time we’ve been over sj’s. 

That happiness soon changed though when dad came back to the trailer smirking! I mean why do that?! What was he expecting? Me to laugh at it?! Parents!!!…I’m 30ish(!) years old and still act like a stroppy teenager!

Anyway, husband said I shouldn’t be doing any more 1m’s until I can go clear at 90 but I think he can shove that idea where the sun doesn’t shine tbh! We got the same faults at 90 and we have to progress at some point- he’s been jumping 90 for over 9 months so I think he’s ready. If I applied the same logic to last year when husband rode him then he’d still be doing 70’s! 

Clearing 1m perfectly

I’ll take him sj schooling this weekend more for me than Chino and we’ll see if we can make any improvements to where we’re going wrong. 

For now… toodle pip 😘


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