Worst nightmare x2!

Saturday contained the worst experiences in my horsey exsistence! We rock up on Saturday evening to feed the 3 boys and we can only see two of them in the field. I jump over the gate thinking that Ara would be at the top or behind the tree but he was not to be found. The field is pretty secure with thick/high hedges all around and fencing so for him to have escaped didn’t enter my head. If it had been Chino or Archie then I would immediately jump to that conclusion as they are both idiots and would happily jump out if needed as they have done in the past, but Ara…no way on this world as he’s a big wimp and he would have completed the risk assessment in his head and ruled it out even if his life depended on it! 

Now, I do not deal well when things go Pete tong and I proceeded to wander around the field looking like a drunked and wailing like a cat! All that was left of him was his welly boot with the poultice inside (get to that bit later!). My worst nightmare was coming true…someone had stolen him!!! Looking back on it, it was a sightly exaggerated thought- why the hell would anyone steal Ara and not the other two, of tans the padlock was still around he gate!!!! I have far to wild of an imaginataion! 

Then the husband shouted ‘got him!’ before proceeding to shout at me to hurry up and get a head collar! ALLRIGHT ARSEHOLE, I’m in a state of shock here! One look at him and I freaked out. He was covered formhead to tail all down his left side in scratches, cuts, lumps, you name it he had it! 

The worst of it was when I ran my hands down his legs, pulled my hand away and it was covered in blood! Sweet mother of god, wtf had he done! On closer inspection he had a huge gash on his Pastern/fetlock joint which continued to drip blood after being hosed and a pretty deep cut on the front of his cannon bone. 

The lumps turned out to be hawthorns stuck in him after husband found the place he’d escaped from. 

To this day I don’t know how or what causes him to go though, over the fence and hedge and I don’t suppose I’ll ever know but it makes no sense especially when looking from the other side. He clearly landed in the hedge to have all the thorns but he must have also gone head first at some point as his muzzle was bleeding and swollen and his bottom teeth were bloody. On the landing side there’s ask is ditch so I’m guessing the scrapped legs have come from scrambling about trying to get up and out of it. 

The vet came out, took one look at the fetlock cut and asked if we had transport to get him in to the vets. She was hugely concerned that he had cut through the tendon sheath especially as he wasn’t bearing any weight in it. 

My poor psycho boy just stood there wanting constant reassurance and head cuddles and me stood there wanting he same from the husband, minus the head cuddles! Needless to say, only one of us got what we wanted! 

Once at the vets we settled him in his stable and the vet explained they’d do some tests and let us know in an hour or so and if he had damaged it then he would need an operation…worst nightmare number 2!! 

About 2 hours after dropping him off we got the news that he hadn’t damaged anything!! Hallelujah! BUT…as he wasn’t bearing weight on it they wanted to keep him in to find out what was wrong. Hmmmm, well I suppose at least he doesn’t need an operation so that’s one good thing. 

Next morning we get a call to say he’s walking and trotting up sound, eating everything in sight and he’ll be good to come home the next day! YIPPEE! 

I was so pleased to see him when I went to collect him despite the fact he completey blanked me and let out a huge whinny whilst looking at my husband and dad waiting outside! Cheers Mate, you weren’t saying that on Saturday though were you you big wimp! They managed to get a few of the hawthorns thorns out but there’s still so many stuck in him and we just can’t get them out with tweezers or anything! Vet doesn’t seem I think it’ll be a problem as he’s had antibiotics etc but I’ll double check tomorrow when she comes to change his leg dressing. 

He’s currently got staples in his leg which can come out in 2 weeks time and he’s on box rest which is proving to me hard work but on the plus side, he does get to stay away from from bully boy Chino so not all bad. 

Now before all that kicked off, as mentioned in previous post, Ara had been lame for a few days on his back off side leg. Luckily the farrier was coming out to do their feet and shoes so he checked aras foot and started scraping away the hoof and then poof, abscess revealed! On looking closer at his foot you could see a slight mark on his coronet band where he had obviously banged it (we’re thinking it may have been at the gallops the week before). Our farrier explained that what happens is a bruise develops from the bang inside the hoof which has the. worked its way straight down and fluid has built up hence why he was lame. You learn something new everyday and I’ll keep an eye out for this in future. As soon as the pressure was released he was sound on it but we poulticed it up to draw anymore infection out. 

So that  was Saturday!!! My god I don’t want a repeat of that in a hurry! 

Sunday was an afternoon of competing but I’ve written enough for now, I need a cuppa tea ☕️! 

Toodle pip 😘


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