It never rains but it pours!

British weather!! We all know it sucks but my god it’s doing its best to wreck havoc on getting the horses fit for competition. 

I’m happy hacking out for months at the beginning of the year when the fields are too soggy and i need to build their basic fitness but once April hits you’d think I’d be able to get in the fields and work on everything else but no, this weather has other plans for, well, my plans! 

First we have no rain for pushing 8-10 weeks apart from the odd drizzle which amounts to less than the amount of tea I drink in a day! The ground is so hard that no riding can take place and we have our first victim in the form of chino and a popped splint. I’m pretty sure it’s his own fault for acting like a dick head in the fields and racing around and I can’t keep him in the stable as he jumps out! Yes, he literally jumps over the door, how I do not know, or goes bat shit crazy if the top door is shut so we have no choice but to put him in the field! 

So the rain came last week and I was as happy as a kid in a sweet shop! Telling everyone at work to stop moaning about it raining and actually enjoyed being out in it. That was until it continued to rain for days… and days…and days…non stop! So much so that the fields are now too wet to ride in, one field is flooded and I’ve now got injured horse number two, Ara, from what I can only assume is jarring himself when running about in the field! 

To make matters worse, Chino insists on showing everyone that’s he’s the boss and chasing the other two around if they’re eating the patch of grass that he wants and so Ara isn’t getting rest and keeps running away from the grumpy arse for fear of getting another giant bite on his bum- which incidently is covered in them already thanks to Chino. 

So no riding for me again today with Ara out and Chino with two pulled shoes!!!! Oh and also no Rockingham Horse Trials at the weekend as the riding club can’t pull together a team so thats us not able to go either which I was rather looking forward to but hey ho we’ll go SJ at Onley instead all being well and horses are sound!! 

Toodle pip 😘


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