Eventing – a game of three parts!

This weekend Chino and I completed our first ode in the 90 unaffiliated at MM. As he’d been off most of the week with a leg issue I was dreading the dressage given we hadn’t practiced it other than for a lesson on the Saturday. The lesson left me feeling more anxious as he just wasn’t playing ball and wanted to play giraffe instead! 

We rock up on Sunday and get him all tacked up and looking wonderful which is a good thing as I’ve got the worlds worst  headache and so I look like someone’s pissed on my cornflakes so at least one of us looks the part! On a side note I had purchased myself a lovely tweed jacket especially for eventing occasions and was so looking forward to wearing it, until the thermometer hit the high 20’s and I was ready to go all hulk and rip it right off! 

Warming up wasn’t a pleasurable experience, we couldnt get the canter right, he still insisted on being a giraffe and I was getting more het up with each circle! Anyway, in we go and it’s all going well until the left lead canter where we continue round on the wrong leg at which point I’m ready for throwing a proper kid tantrum! The test continues with our circles becoming squares and imaginary letters being our transition points and then the final canter comes and we only go and get the wrong bloody lead again. Back to trot to start it again and this time it’s all good apart from the manic smile I did have had been replaced by something you would run from on a dark night! I now look like someone’s force feeding me the pissed on cornflakes from earlier! 

Get back to husband and I’m close to tears, (so very emotional I am!) and he asks me why I brought him back to trot!! Apparently the canters were both on the correct legs and I’d got myself in a nuclear mood for nothing! The husband didn’t leave it there though…! Now what man in his right mind pokes the bear when the bear is angry? Well my man it would appear! ‘Just forget about it’ ‘it doesn’t matter how it went it’s all fun’ ‘we need to work on your reactions’ ‘your in a right mood!’ YOUR IN A RIGHT MOOD! Did you honestly just say that to me! Oh well now you’ve told me that, that makes me feel a whole lot better, thanks hubby for pointing it out you friggin lunatic!! 

In hindsight, his comments were fully justified and I do need to stop worrying about things when it goes wrong as there’s not much you can do about it then is there. Not that I’m going to tell him that I think that, nor am I apologising for being a cow to him when he provoked me! 

After a quick tack addition and more tablets I toodle off to the showjumping where Chino appears to now have woken up and is raring to go. The sj was not the best round in terms of style as I’m still very much getting to grips with his way of jumping but we only have the one pole down so by the time I’m out the ring the red mist has lifted, as has the drilling in my head and I’m feeling a little better and ready to take on the xc. 

I used to hate xc, the feeling of galloping around undulating ground and charging over the fences in an uncollected manner just filled me with dread. After watching me on Sunday you wouldn’t know it!! Literally the best experience I think I’ve had on Chino. Given he’s not really known for his speed he flew round being only 1 of 4 with no xct penalties! He loved it and when I asked for more he gave it, pricking his ears further forward and rocketing on. We crossed the finish line with me replicating the grand national finish (a little over excited I think I was), only to realise that I had to find the brakes pretty sharpish otherwise we’d be dodging the lorries in the car park. 

Husband was thrilled although I think he was secretly happier that I no longer looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp as opposed to me nailing the xc! 

With Chino cooled off and back in the trailer we head down for a cuppa tea and for a piece of cake I’d eyed up within the first 5 mins off arriving that day! My dads arrived by this point and checks the results of the dressage. 43!!!! Now I no it wasn’t the best but 43 seriously. I’m pretty sure they were marking my attitude which could well be the reason for such a stinker of a mark. My dad then rounds off the day of stupid male comments by saying ‘ah you could have done with getting ten less!’ No shit Sherlock!! I was drinking tea at this point and munching down on carrot cake so the bitch face didn’t really make an appearance as it had with hubby earlier but it was close to surfacing! 

Anywho, Monday afternoon arrives and the results appear on Facebook and I’ve only gone and come 10th! I moved from second to last up to 10th purely down to the xc! I couldn’t bloody believe it and had to keep checking they’re done it correctly. 

It made me realise that eventing really is a game of 3 phases and it’s not over until it’s over. Yes the dressage plays a huge part in the game and I really do need to sort it out if we’ve any hope of progressing however, I’ve learnt that there’s no point in letting my emotions get the better of me half way through a test or the day. I should have known that really after watching Badminton the same weekend and seeing how influential the xc was to the leader board. 

So for now I’m gonna get my dressage head on and really work at it. I’ve entered another ode at the beginning of June and luckily it’s the same test so at least I can work on the bad parts and nail them next time.

And after writing this and seeing how much I’ve written, I realise what a lot of jibber jabbering I must do at home about horses and how much my poor husband and father have to put up with!!! 

For now, toodle pip šŸ˜˜


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