The two boys have just had their teeth done by our wonderful vet from Hook Norton veterinary Surgery. I was feeling pretty anxious about it as Ara is unpredictable and a wimp- two things which do not make for great outcomes! I mean we used to have to use two tubes of domosedan for farrier visits he was that crazy – we don’t any more thankfully! 

Both boys were sedated and both over reacted at the needle although Chinos biggest reaction was from the stethoscope where he nearly flattened me against the stable wall trying to escape the cold disk of horror against his belly!! Muppet!

Aras teeth are pretty much ok and has a full set which surprised me given the person we bought him from claimed he’d had one removed.  Not the only thing she told fibs about it would appear! 

Chinos are good apart from a bit of decay in one so got to keep an eye on it but should be good for another year now. I’ll have to stop feeding him the Haribo ❤️ to keep his teeth in better condition! 

So both boys are now snoozing for the next hour while I keep a close eye on the dipstick who insists on hanging his head over the door and pretty much cutting off his oxygen supply! 

I’ll be reviewing the new boots I bought from premier equine over the next couple of days- Infrared Therapy and some cold water boots so check on my products brand review page for details. 

For now, 

toodle pip 😘


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