Relaxing at a weekend…I think not! 

I have a huge list of things to do down at the stables. Some of these things are little such as spray the nettles and other include make the grass arena! The original list included 26 things and now 3 months later there’s nearly 40 things in it! Plus side there are a number of things crossed off and others where I’ve done a job which wasn’t on the list so I’ve written it on and immediately crossed it off so I look accomplished! However, I still keep thinking of more things to do much to the dismay of the husband! 

So this weekend consisted of crossing 2 things off the list and starting 3 new things!! We have built 2 new xc jumps from a tree we cut down but utilised the stump rather than digging it out:

We/I also decided that we needed a gate in the corner of our field (incidentally we already have 2 into the field but why walk further when you can just put in another gate!!). What a ball ache it’s been and it’s still not finished! 

The beginnings of our new gate and steps!

On top of all the manual labour I did find time to ride Ara as Chino is still out with a swollen splint bone so I practiced the dressage test I’m going to be doing next weekend in my first ode. Never in a million years would I have thought Ara would be my guinea pig but he was surprisingly quite good and really tried hard to please given how unforgiving the ground was with all its lumps and bumps.  

I also discovered I have a spending problem but only on one equestrian brand. I feel that every month I’m buying something from Premier Equine because they keep having sales! This month I’ve purchased some new white jods as my others have got a blue tinge, some ice boots and a pair of infrared boots!! I will write a review once they have been used on Chino boy. I’m confident I’m keeping them in business with the amount I’ve bought this year alone but they really are a quality brand and as I said, they were in the sale so I’m saving money technically!!! 

Before getting mowed down yesterday (see previous blog post!) I had some quality cuddle time with Archie. I could have laid in the field with him all morning listening to his snores but husband was hurrying me up to go and buy cement mix! 

Tomorrow I’ve got the vet/dentist coming to do the horses teeth so I’m sure that will make for an interesting write up! 

Toodle pip 😘


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