Horse food down my pants! 

Yes I did actually have horse food down my pants only a couple of hours ago! I literally got mowed down by the youngest of the three, Archie, in his attempts to escape from what he assumed was going to be a kicking from Chino. I flailed around with three feed buckets in my hands trying desperately to stay upright but Archie continued to run me down and the next thing I know I’m rolling on the floor covered in horse food and somehow its all up my back and down my jeans! As I stand up a little bewildered wondering what the f**k had just happened I could then feel the chaff and conditioning cubes working their way down into my pants and down the legs of my jeans!! The husband, to give him his due, didnt laugh immediately! He asked how I was before then saying ‘He just literally mowed you down!’ I KNOW HE DID! I’ve got the hoof marks all over me!!!!! Well not quite but I’ve got a bashed up knee and hip and my whoha probably looks like a bowl of granola with the amount of horse feed down there!! 


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