Bucking Fun!

Well Chino and I never made it to Quainton stud today for the eventer challenge as he’s got a splint on his foreleg which was pretty swollen this morning so we hosed it and put an ice banadage on which he then proceeded to try and take off – must have thought it made his legs look fat!! 

As we couldn’t get a refund the husband decided to take Ara instead! 

The warmup was the best bit-  The end! 

To be honest, he wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen him but he did get eliminated again. The jumping was good but corners of the arena resulted in many bucks, kicks and naps which meant he got faults without even being near a jump! The husband took him in again HC to try and get him round but he took major offence at the steps up so he decided to just skip that part out and carry on with the rest of the round which he did lovely. 

In fairness I’ve never seen a more ridiculous xc course in all my life – the 80 involved a log jump down a pretty steep slope with water at the bottom! Whilst the size of the log wasn’t particularly big I feel the question was pretty tough for an 80 so I was starting to wonder what they had planned for the 90 which he was entered in. Now I’m no expert on course building but I would have thought a 2 step bounce (and were not taking small steps either!) and another stride onto the top of the mound followed by a 90 degree right turn down the slope over the log and into the water was a pretty big question. Ive never seen so many eliminations in two classes at the same obstacle in all my life which goes to show how difficult it was especially for an unaffiliated event! 

On the way home I was able to watch the Rolex Kentucky xc on my phone – the FEI Tv app is pretty good for watching the big events which never get broadcast on normal tv. I was in awe watching the magician that is Michael Jung go round the course like it was a 70cm clear round! He really is an amazing horseman and makes everything look so effortless. 

Once back at the stables and the giant goof was turned out we then brought Archie in as I thought it would be good to load him in the trailer and have a little drive around to get him used to travelling. He has only been  walked in and out the trailer twice before and had the back ramp lifted so I was unsure how he would react but turns out i didn’t need to worry. I have never handled a horse so chilled out who takes everything in his stride. We decided to drive about a mile out the village, unload him and let him have a bit of a graze and then load him back up and he didn’t even blink an eye; it was like he’d been doing all his life, all 2 years of his life!! 

Back at the stables and we leave Chino rolling in the hay, the weirdo, feed the 3 and head home. 

Tomorrow will undoubtably be another day with no rain (arghhh) meaning the grass remains non existent and the ground stays harder than trying to find Wally/Waldo(!) with no contact lenses in!  I believe the husbands plan is to take down a tree- how manly! My plan will be to ‘assist’ by providing hydration in the form of Tea (only Yorkshire tea mind!) and  obviously smoothering my 3 boys with lots of love and attention!!! 

Toodle Pip 😘


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