Surprising result!

Today was my second competition with Chino which was 90 Arena Evening at Aston Le Walls. When entering on Friday I thought it was the usual sj straight into xc. No! No it god damn wasn’t and I’d only gone and entered into doing the 3 phases! The only saving grace was that it was the same test I’d schooled Chino through a week before for the husbands BE event. As mentioned yesterday, our practice hadn’t gone great so I wasn’t holding out much hope for today.

We warmed up pretty well, nice and relaxed, me being stupid (photos on instagram!!) and we were ready to go. In we trot and it’s all going well until I have a memory blank at the second corner, que mild panic! Luckily we got through with some wonky lines, wrong canter leads and a jig joggy free walk but some nice comments from the judges and a not too disappointing 37 score. Not the 33 that the husband achieved but still within the target i set for myself.

A quick tack and clothing sort out and I’m back in saddle for the sj&xc part. The husband tells me to push him on before the fences as he backs off them quite a bit- turns out I didn’t need to worry about it as he flew round. We did have two poles down but entirely my fault as I’m still getting to grips with his stride length and pace as well as the ability to sit quietly on him unlike when I’m riding Ara. I did make a tit of myself when I rode past the husband and said ‘this is going well- it’s like a golf score!!’ What I had meant was a cricket score!! What an absolute pillock I must have sounded!

Anywho, Last fence jumped and off we zoom into the xc. I’m not sure who loved it more, Chino or me, but we popped round all the fences, cantered the water and I even remembered the course with all its twists and turns.

We finished the day with another round around the sj’s mainly for me to get to grips with Chino. Still 2 down but looking back on the video it was much better and I didn’t quite look like a sack of s**t!
Once finished the result was then announced for the arena eventing and we’d only bloody gone and picked up 2nd place!! To say I was happy would be an understatement!

For the next 2 weeks I’ll be working on getting Chino supple and relaxed with more bend so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We’ll do the eventer challenge next weekend at Quainton Stud and then Moreton Morrell ode at the beginning of May so a busy couple of weeks- not sure when I fit in the husband!!

Toodle pip x


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