Fur Lined Boots!

Firstly, never wear fur lined riding boots IMG_0411without checking the weather forecast! OMG I had to peel them off and wander about with the tops flapping to try and cool the legs!

Today has pretty much consisted of me riding Ara & Chino, laying around the field sunbathing (in full riding gear & boots!!) and occasionally helping out the husband turn one of our shabby fields into a grass arena with some xc schooling bits and bobs.


This morning I went in the field to do some schooling and did the same exercises for the 2nd day this week in the hope that the boys would remember what to do. Ara was not bad although had a bit of a melt down when jumping the barrels and it jumped up and bit his legs!! I had to then lay them on their side for him to go anywhere near again the big wimp!

Chino second up- I’ve literally just watched the video clips that the husband did for me. Bull in a China shop springs to mind! The dressage practice didn’t go quite according to plan and was more Dressage against the clock! At the end it’s pretty clear where I go f**k it, this is a mess and handbrake turn it across the diagonal and up the centre line!! I hope to god tomorrow isn’t like that when we do it in competition!

Next we moved on to some pole work where I’d set up a variety of trotting pole combinations which works really well for keeping them on their toes as I do serpentines, circles etc in between as chino tends to fall asleep if he repeats an exercise too much. IMG_0373.PNGAll you hear throughout the video from husband is ‘slow it down!’ like I wasn’t trying to!  Chino just wanted to charge about the place which apparently is my fault as I’ve turned him into a ‘yehaa’ horse when out hacking through the fields! Incidentally i only yehaa him when the husband is hacking with me…the old competitive streak kicks in with me and I have to beat him to everywhere.

The final schooling part was two uprights set small at about 80cm with 5 strides between and I had to change the number of strides in between! I managed 5,6 and 7 with Ara but with Chino we could barely manage 6 mainly due to my inability to sit and wait so we had a few fliers and one where I was over the jump before chino but he finished well and eventually listened so all good in the end.

Not to be left out, Archie had a good groom and de-fluffing leaving me with hairy bosoms as I found out this evening when de-brarring! Horse hair really does get everywhere!


So it’s now the evening and I’ll leave my ramblings here and go and watch the showjumping Grand Prix on horse & country tv and eat my mint magnum!

Toodle pip x 😘



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