1 Husband

The husband and I met at a work friends birthday party and three years later the friend became my sister in law and he officially became the ‘husband!’

I always thought that horsey people met through other horsey people however, neither of us had a clue about our respective equestrian backgrounds until a couple of months being together. Turns out he started riding when he was nearly a teen (I think) and competed mainly in team chase and pony club Tetrathlon where he represented the UK at some point along with his brother who also rode horses.


Now, most people think its fantastic that we have this mutual hobby and I have to agree apart from the fact I am SUPER competitive in everything…literally everything! who can muck out the quickest, who can get to the gate the quickest – it is quite honestly ridiculous but I can’t seem to stop! The issue comes when he tells me i’m doing something wrong or as it actually is ‘gives me advice’ and I think he’s having a go at me and my riding – Que stroppy mare moment! And then there’s the obvious competitive element of competing against each other for real!

In all honesty though, it is great having a husband who shares my passion. I can’t say he understands my obsession completely and i’m sure he’s quite peeved when the horses get more kisses in an hour than he does in a week but what’s he gonna do about it!!